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Aqre Group consists of companies that drive regenerative agriculture through integrated value chains.

We produce our products using integrated value chains that are specifically designed to distribute value to local communities – from seed to finished product.

The production of natural ingredients too often comes at the expense of land, soil and local peoples. Aqre Group was founded to reverse this process and prove there is a better way. We build integrated value chains that allow us to source competitive products while also ensuring more value remains behind in the communities that contributed.

Bionexx produces our flagship product Artemisinin, through our production facility in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar. Artemisinin is the key base ingredient for the natural anti-malaria drug Artemisinin Combined Treatment (ACT), a first line malaria treatment approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Sourced from a network comprising more than 15,000 smallholder farmers in Madagascar, Aqre Group is currently the only company in Africa capable of producing Artemisinin on an industrial scale.

Qimpexx is a leading producer of Quinine, a raw material from the Cinchona bark that has been increasingly in demand by the beverage industry for use as a bitter flavouring.


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Artemisinin: the key building block to ACTs and the fight against malaria.

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Quinine, a natural flavouring indispensable for the beverage industry - and essential for local communities.

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The companies within Aqre Group are leading producers of natural ingredients and pioneers of integrated value chains that directly benefit farmer...

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From their headquarters in Amsterdam, Aqre Group operates an extensive, diverse and inclusive network of passionate professionals across Africa and...

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