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From their headquarters in Amsterdam, Aqre Group operates an extensive, diverse and inclusive network of passionate professionals across Africa and the globe.

Junte Wasmann


Junte, an entrepreneur and investor, has years of social businesses experience in Africa. Whether he’s seeding, orchestrating early-stage or investing venture capital, Junte brings big ideas to life by connecting leading groups and stakeholders and uniting them around a common goal. In 2011, Junte founded HERi Madagascar, a solar energy kiosk franchise model that contributes to the health of rural communities by replacing kerosene lamps with solar alternatives. HERi currently employs 100 (mainly female) entrepreneurs who service 40,000 clients across multiple countries. Since 2018, Junte has also functioned as co-CEO of Bionexx. He became CEO of Aqre Fund in 2020.

Advisory board

Michiel de Haan

Charles Giblain

Holger Feist

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